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luther king jr.'s march on washington, d.c. and his famous i have a dream speech. days before that speech he appeared on nbc's "meet the press," and this weekend nbc news will re-air the interview unedited and in its entirety. meet the press moderator david gregory hosts a special edition. david joins us now, tell us about that 1963 interview. what stands out for you as you watch it? >> well, what is striking is to be able to go back in time and to see this played out, to see dr. king in this form on a program that i love so much, but in that context, 1963 was such a tumultuous time. that was the backdrop for the march on washington. the fear of demonstrations in the streets and violence associated with the march on washington which did not do you mean pass. meg had been murdered, you had fire hoses turn theed on people in birmingham. you had all of this as a backdrop to this appearance on "meet the press," ultimately to the speech. and so you hear from dr. king in this interview, some of those themes. he wanted to speak to the largely white audience and you saw watching on television to
, steve. >> reporter: good evening. organizers say 100,000 people came here to washington today, most including president obama believe we have come a long way in our nation. it is still divided by race but nowhere near as badly as we were when dr. martin luther king jr. delivered his speech here in washington in 1963. 50 years later marching in washington again was ducky burris. less emotional this time. >> now i'm 77. >> reporter: is it because things are better now? >> things are better in some areas. >> reporter: half a century later on this day as the crowd gathered in the rain at the lincoln memorial only 54% of americans believe the dream has been achieved. only 21% of african-americans do. congressman john lewis is the sole surviving speaker from '63. >> 50 years later we can ride anywhere we want to ride, we can say what we want to say. those lines that say whites and colored are gone. >> reporter: all eyes were on america's first black president. barack obama did not descend from slaves but to many he is a realization of king's dream. >> because they marched city councils ch
now begins a public fight to be accepted as a female. in washington, i'm daniel lee. >>> southern kraechlt teenager hannah anderson thanks the people that rescued here when she was kidnapped. >> i want to thank the horseman and the amber alert and the sheriff and the fbi. >> she spoke exclusively to the today show about her relationship with her, duck tore, dimaggio. the rampage began in the san diego neighborhood of boulevard whether he killed hannah's mother and breesh and set the house on fire afterwards. investors revealed they found letters from hannah in dimaggio's destroyed home. >> in the letters were from like a year ago when me and my mom were not getting along. me and him would talk about how to deal with it and i would tell him how i felt about it and he helped me through it. they were not anything bad. they were to help me through tough times. >> police in idaho killed dimaggio in a shootout. the full interview son our website, all you have to do is search hannah anderson. >>> a million of anything, even something small, address up to a lot so imagine
action seems sure to be ordered by the commander-in-chief. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> nbc news will have team coverage of the situation in syria including reports from the region and political pressure facing president obama here at 5:30. >> i'm maryann favreau where investigators warn you not to fall for scam artists warning to look for poisonous snakes. >> ladies and gentlemen, take the time to learn about the invisible wounds of war. >> a soldier with bay area ties gets the nation's highest honor. not for what he did during the war that caught president obama's attention. the emotional story is next. >>> a fairly comfortable day. right now in the 80s with the sea breeze fires up but we're about to see changes in the forecast, no doubt you'll notice, especially if you're in some of our east bay and south bay valleys. more about that in our seven-day forecast coming up. >>> a soldier with bay area ties received the nation's highest military honor but president obama wasn't only impressed with his duty during the war but what he did after the war. it's a sensitive
evening, here at dulles airport, west of washington, we found some travelers concerned. you can see why. it's the peak of the summer travel season, fliers -- travelers are leaving from this airport for destinations worldwide and this is a global caution. at washington dulles airport, travelers paid attention to the u.s. government alert about a possible al qaeda attack. >> always be aware of people around you. and i think just a little more heightened at this point. >> reporter: the state department warned travelers the potential for terrorism is particularly strong in the middle east and north africa. that's where u.s. embassies have been ordered closed on sunday, in kabul afghan employees were told not to show up on sunday. congress was notified. >> it is al qaeda-linked. it emanates from the arabian peninsula. >> reporter: that's where yemen is, which is the most active al qaeda organization. it's the end of ramadan, when attacks have come in the past. whether a new alarm has come from an intercept with the nsa or a spy, analysts say it stood out. >> to close multiple embassies shows
veterans. and he pledged those who sacrificed for this country won't lose their benefits despite washington's budget cuts. >> i believe this work is more important than ever. because this time of war that we've been in is coming to an end. >> the president hopes to have america back on a peace time footing in a year and a half. but his friday news conference showed he's fighting on a lot of political fronts. >> good afternoon, everybody, please have a seat. >> he's trying to calm the controversy over nsa surveillance. he's still battling members of congress over obama care. >> the one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> reporter: in martha's vineyard, president obama looking for a break from the heat. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> more guns are off bay area streets tonight thanks to a gun buyback program in oakland today. the organization youth uprising partnered with the oakland police department and an anonymous donor to host the event. residents were able to turn in guns with no questions asked
split over washington lawmakers. democrats and republicans are on both sides of the debate. brian moore has the latest. >> while egypt teeters on the edge of civil war. >> the last few days have been unconscionable. >> the billion and a half dollars in aid some home will force egypt's military to rethink the violence. >> they're getting the impression that no matter what they do, our aid will continue. >> when someone is not down or rolled over with a tank bought with american money, do you think that buys friendship? >> president obama condemned the violence this past week. many in washington worry that the military will force the muslim brotherhood under ground. >> even though they started this, we can't support what the military is doing in response. >> the bay area dozens of people gathered to protest that military rally. they're against the coup and saying hundreds of innocent are dieing. >> the thing from yesterday, and that was the call for this day, is to stand up for humanity. people have been dieing. >> according to independent news reports, more than 850 people dies just sinc
strike today killed four suspected terrorists in yemen. bay area's steve handelsman is live in washington, d.c. with the latest for us. good evening. >> jenelle, thanks. here in washington today, officials down at the state department tried to make clear it's not a new threat that's prompted what they try to characterize as just a reduction in staff. the evacation of most personnel from yemen came this morning before dejuan. 50 to 100 flown to germany reportedly on this military transport because of the al qaeda threat. >> we felt this was a necessary step, but it's not a sig fal of something new. >> it's based on the earlier intercept of al qaeda communication between pakistan and yemen. ayman al zawahiri telling the leader of al qaeda in yemen nazr al wa he she to do something big this hú!week. lawmakers remain worried. >> there's no doubt an attack was planned. all that was left was where. >> calling it the biggest threat since 9/11 is seen by some analysts as questionable. zawahiri depended attacks in the past that did not happen but the disclosure by u.s. officials that electronic
. >>> edward snowden's father is sounding off and criticizing washington for its handling of the nsa leak case. he said he's obtained the papers necessary to visit snowden in russia and says that's where the former analyst will remain for the foreseeable future. bryan mooar has the story. >> reporter: the father of edward snowden says the nsa leaker isn't headed back to the united states because he won't get a fair trial. >> as a father, i want my son to come home, if i believe that the justice so many that we should be afforded of as americans is going to be applied correctly. >> reporter: until then lon snowden says he'll visit his son in russia, snowden's temporary asylum there has chilled u.s./russian relations and the political furor here at homes shows no signs of cooling off. before leaving for his vacation on martha ans's vineyard, president obama said he'd already been moving the nsa toward more transparency and accountability. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. >> he betrayed his oath of office. there's a young generation that believe he's some kind of jason bourne and there
snowden and published by the "washington post" claim the nsa has broken privacy rules and overstepped its legal authority thousands of times since 2008. the "washington post" also says an internal audit shows nearly 3,000 incidents in just one year. >> we definitely need more oversight. we need more public reporting. we need more transparency. it's no longer a tenable position for the nsa to say trust us. >> i totally reject those kind of claims. >> the head of the senate judiciary committee patrick leahy says since the nsa is not giving straight answers he'll open a senate hearing after the summer break. >>> now to the latest developments in egypt. it's been a day of rage. dozens of people were killed in confrontations with security forces. and demonstrators gathered by the thousands. the protests came just two days after egypt's military ruler ordered his forces to clear protest camps. at least 638 people were killed and 1,000 more were wounded. nbc's ayman moden reports. >> reporter: for the third straight night the government has imposed a curfew on the capital, cairo, and cities all
th anniversary of the mark on washington and dr. martin luther king, jr's "i have a dream" speech. another marching ceremony will take place and president obama will speak from the steps of the lincoln memorial. >>> three days before his historic march on washington, back in 1963, dr. martin luther king jr. appeared on nbc's "meet the press." >> i don't think our society h rise to its full maturity until we come to see that men are made to live together as brothers and that we can have again win intergroup and interpersonal living and still be in the kind of society which we all long to achieve. >> this sunday, 50 years after that interview, nbc will air a special edition of "meet the press" "remembering the dream." i spoke. moderator david gregory about the special and he says it's a look back and a look forward. >> it is referencing and seeing this appearance on "meet the press" and then 50 years later talking about what the american dream means now. not just in terms of civil rights and equality for african-americans, but for all americans since the american dream and the promi
's now a feeling that a federal weight is off their shoulders. washington saying it won't interfere in state laws governing medical marijuana. >> it's been wishy-washy as far as for other states too. because they first legalized, then we hear about raids. then i think this is definitely progress for the future. >> reporter: the feds say marijuana will still be classified as an illegal drug under the federal controlled substances act. but state laws legalizing it will, under the new ruling, be largely left alone. good news for amsterdam's garden and its future business prospects. >> because people do deserve good medicine. people do deserve access. >> reporter: access that will get a little easier from here. that reaction from the south bay. we also heard from harborside health center in oakland, a much larger dispensardispensary, "th government took an historic step back from the failed drug war today." >>> more progress in the fire near yosemite, containment at about 30%. full containment could come in the next two weeks. fire crews expect that rim fire to continue to burn for the
.s. surveillance. reporting live in washington. >> he can organize a blood drive but he cannot participate. campbell's openly gay mayor says it is disappointing but he is determined to make a difference. lowe was turned away when he tried to donate blood. he suspected it because of a policy that prohibits gay individuals to give blood. >> this particular policy focuses on gay men only in which you can be in a relationship you cannot donate blood. >> he says they should use science as the criteria. >>> the special delivery innléñ sacramento. a trans gendered teenager delivered a petition to governor brown demonstrating the support for a new law. ashton lee was born female but felt more like a boy. he wants the state to pass a law to require public schools sports programs to include trans gendered students according to the gender in which they identify. >> i'm a boy. i was put into a class with all girls in p.e. every day going into thatóom cl it was kind of like it was only me. i was by myself. no one understood what it was like. >> the petition had signatures from 6,000 supporters. he s
, a tense month that's just beginning. brian mooar in washington. >>> the embassy in afghanistan is one of 20 to shut down tomorrow. as reported, they're no stranger to precautionary shutdowns but this appears to be the biggest threat in recent memory. >> reporter: this is one of the most major warnings that they've received in a very long time primarily because of the global implications. that being said, the u.s. embassy will go through its normal lockdown procedures which include restricted movements which means no embassy vehicle will leave the embassy compound. as for individuals coming inside for meetings, those meetings have been canceled and the afghan staff have been asked to not come into work. today in eastern afghanistan the indians consulate was the target of three suicide attackers who were not able to penetrate the gate, instead accidentally detonating their own vesting inside their car, accidentally killed eight afghan civilians. >> coming up next at 5:00, not one but three gun buybacks on the same day. we'll show you how they're pushing to get weapons off the streets. >
general filed the lawsuit in federal court in washington, d.c. trying to stop the proposed deal which would be worth $11 billion. the merger would create the world's largest airline. the suit claims that passengers would get less choice, fewer services and higher fares. >>> now to our bay area proud series where two weeks ago we were all a little teary eyed when we introduced you to a remarkable bride about to have a dream wedding. thanks to the kindness of strangers. >> the story of this local wedding has since spread around the world, and nbc bay area garvin thomas is here to update us on all that has happened since he first aired the story including the big day. >> reporter: jen bowe krk learned a couple of years ago that her stage 4 lung cancer had progressed to the point she should begin preparing for the end. for jen, that included getting married. now what has happened since she made that decision, jen says, has actually made her battle with cancer a little easier and a lot less lonely. her fight and her wedding is tonight's bay area proud. >> thank you for coming here to celeb
washington, d.c. next. >>> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking the latest conditions in fairfield on that fire. otherwise, a live look outside of san jose, a little bit of kwk cloud cover and we'll talk about the work-week forecast and possible rain. >>> we'll continue to follow the breaking news in fairfield 37 at least five homes engulfed in flames after the brushfire broke out. back in a moment. close captioning sponsored by -- >>> here's an update on our news in fairfield. a bush fire burned at least five homes off of interstate 80. >> we're following this since the beginning of the newscast. the fire started at 3:30 this afternoon. a seven-alarm fire, close to fairfield high school. this is right off of i daschi--. 80 is opened but the direction of the smoke is changing. some lanes are closed but right now all lanes are opened. at least five houses are engulfed in flames. others are threatened. an entire neighborhood is on edge. we had an eyewitness one of the neighbors who said a lot of people have their hoses out. right now no reports of any injuries but you ca
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